Home Boarding

In the first instance I offer free 'Meet and greet' so that you can meet us and see where your dog will stay. If this seems that yours and my dogs are going to get along ok we can then book a trial session for a small fee of £10.

I always ask new dogs to come for a trial session as sometimes dogs just don't get on even if initially they seemed ok and I feel it's very important to assess how the dogs will interact with each other and if they are happy being away from you.

You are under no obligation to book your dog holiday with Happy Pets Holidays by booking a trial session.

Before your trial visit I ask you to complete a general questionnaire which helps me to get to know more about your dog for when/if they come to stay such as their likes and dislikes, any fears or special requests and it enables me to get to know your dog better and help them settle in.

If all goes well I can then book your doggie holiday but if your dog is very anxious and doesn't settle then i'm sorry but I won't accept the booking. The dogs come first and I would rather turn a client away than have an unhappy dog.

While you are away you will be sent regular texts or emails so that you know your dog is well and happy or if there are any problems. I will also take photos during their stay with us so you have pictures of their holiday too.

I have a secure garden and I always take the dogs for at least two long walks per day which is included in the price, all dogs are walked by myself and my daughter Selina and not taken out in a car. However, if you have a puppy, elderly dog or a dog that cannot manage a long walk, i will adjust this accordingly to suit their needs and ability.

We are lucky enough to be within walking distance of Polesden Lacey and Norbury Park and we are really lucky to have a nice park right across from my house, so our walks can be varied and great fun for the dogs.

Your pet will receive the very best of care , they are part of your family and while they are with me they are treated as my family too.

Dogs we can't look after

Due to lack of space I do not take very large breeds, also I don't accept un-neutered males if they 'pester' females and I do not take bitches while in season. Any male that is 'too frisky' with my girls will not be able to stay.

I will not take any dogs who appear to be aggressive. It is important to inform me if your dog has any food issues or any possessive tenancies so that these can be dealt with carefully..

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