Service Prices and Special Offers

Here are our prices for Boarding and Day Care

Discounts are available for retired owners and for emergency care such as funerals or hospital stays.

Please ask for details.

Boarding -Adult dog


Per day

  • Includes overnight stay
  • 2 walks per day

2 Dogs in same family


per day

Older Dogs


Older dogs can be boarded at a discounted rate- with proof from your vet if they are 

  • 12 years or over  
  • OR
  • 10 years or over AND only need a short walk 


Boarding -puppy 6- 12 months


Per day

Under 6 months - 


per day

  • Includes overnight stay
  • Walks appropriate for age
  • Help with basic training


We can board a puppy if over 4 months and toilet trained.  Walks times will be based on age. Help can be given on basic training if required for an additional cost. Please ask for details.


Day Care-Adult dog


Per Day- up to 9 hours

  • Includes 2 walks

Best for Busy Homes

Day care- Half Day


up to 5 hours

  • includes 1 walk

Puppy Day Care

Puppy day care is dependant on age and time required. Please ask for details


Special offers:

10% off any booking for September